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How do I sign up for the free card?
Visit any one of our venues and ask the team for the Friend Zone application form which you can fill up and pass it back to them. You’ll be accepted right away!


What are the different membership tiers/levels?

Find out more here.

What are members-only deals?

These are special promotions and bottle prices available only to those with the Friend Zone / Friends with Benefits cards. View all the deals here.

What does the general discount apply to?

It applies to your total bill, and is good for food and loose drinks (excludes bottles and tobacco products). There is no further discount for Happy Hour, promotional prices, and members-only deals.

How do I redeem my birthday benefit?
Only premium tier: Friends with Benefit members are eligible to redeem one birthday gift per year during their birthday month. We recommend that you place a reservation to make sure you have a table.

How do I get to the next Friends with Benefits premium tier?
To advance to the premium tier, simply spend $200 in a single receipt at your next visit, within 6 months of signing up for the Friend Zone card. Do pass your Friend Zone card so the team knows you're already in the programme.

Can I use multiple receipts to accumulate for the premium tier upgrade?
You can submit a single receipt spend of $200 together with your Friend Zone card on your 2nd visit.

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
A nominal fee of $10 will be charged to issue a replacement.

Can I sign up for the Friend Zone again after expiry?
Sorry, we’ll be moving on. Thank u, next. Just kidding, if you really want to get back together, please speak to an outlet manager.

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