Immerse yourself in the Peranakans' rich heritage – a unique blend of Malay and Chinese cultures – stroll down the colonial-styled arcade and check out intricate glazed tiles, pastel wash, and other quintessential Peranakan touches.From the chic and intimate Alley Bar, to the energetic acoustic vibes at Acid Bar, to fitness and wellness at Absolute Yoga – we’ve got the lot! 

Since 1895


comprises of six two-storey shophouses along Emerald Hill Road

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The History

Peranakan Place comprises of six two-storey shophouses along Emerald Hill Road, facing Orchard Road. Beautifully restored in 1895 from an era long gone, it became the pilot restoration and development project conducted by the Urban Development Authority. It is now used as a commercial building that contains a variety of developments. With its historic colonnaded covered walkways, Peranakan Place is currently an attraction for tourists and locals alike.




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